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    Uninvited guests in your Bay Area yard or home? Call Rodent Control Inc. today at (833) 3-RODENT (763368). Our expert team of rodent control specialists will make the rodent removal process painless and efficient. We treat all our clients (and their homes) as unique jobs that require a custom examination and rodent control plan instead of a “one size fits all” solution. When you work with Rodent Control Inc., you can trust that you are receiving personalized care from trained experts who have been working with mice and rats in the Bay Area for years. Soon enough, your rodent infestation will be a thing of the past.

    Our Services

    Rodent Control Inc. provides rodent control services to the Bay Area area (along with other locations in north and south California). Our list of services includes:

    Rat Control

    Looking for help with rat control? Rats can bite, transmit multiple diseases, and can be especially dangerous to small children who may try to pet or grab them. If you or anyone else in your family sees a rat, contact Rodent Control Inc. instead of attempting to catch it in your hands.

    Rats have incredibly powerful teeth, which allow them to chew through wood, brick, drywall, concrete, and many other strong materials. If the rats in your yard believe that entry into your home will grant them easy access to food and shelter, they may chew straight through your walls and nestle in your attic insulation or under your floors. Contact your local Bay Area rat control services to remove them before they can cause serious damage to your property.

    Mice Control

    In need of mice control services? Although mice are smaller than rats, they are equally hungry pests with powerful teeth. The average mouse can eat about 0.13 ounces of food each day. If you are dealing with a large rodent infestation, this amount of food can quickly add up.

    It’s always frustrating to open your pantry and find that some of your food is missing, but even the remaining food may need to be thrown out if it is contaminated. When mice come in contact with your food, that food may cause anyone who eats it to develop Salmonella poisoning. Additionally, some mice (most commonly the white-footed deer mouse) can carry Hantavirus, which is a potentially deadly disease that can be transmitted to humans through infected mouse saliva, droppings, or urine.

    Mice don’t simply strain your grocery budget by consuming the food in your pantry, but they can transmit potentially deadly diseases too. Keep your family safe by calling in mice control professionals like Rodent Control Inc. as soon as you identify a rodent infestation in your home. Our team will quickly remove all rodents in a 100% chemical-free way.

    Attic Cleaning

    Additionally, Rodent Control Inc. offers attic cleaning and insulation installation services. If you Check out our services page for more information.

    How to Recognize Rodents In Your Home

    Recognizing the signs of rodents in your home will help you learn how to prevent them from returning. Rodents can multiply very quickly, so it’s important to have them removed as quickly as possible. Once you begin to notice signs of rodents in your home or yard, you may already be dealing with a large infestation on your property.

    Is Your Home Already Infested?

    How do you know if you need immediate rodent control services? Check your house over thoroughly and look for signs of:

    • Chewed-on food packages
    • Rodent droppings (especially around pantries, cupboards, and drawers)
    • Gaps in walls (Even small gaps can allow tiny mice to invade your home)
    • Material that can be used for nesting in, such as shredded paper
    • The smell of rat droppings or stale urine, especially from inside walls or cupboards

    There should never be a need to touch mice or rats with your bare hands. Instead, leave that work to expert mice control and rat control teams like Rodent Control Inc. Our team will remove mice and rats from your home no matter how deeply they have embedded themselves in your walls or attic insulation. In addition to rodent control, we also provide attic insulation cleaning, removal, and installation services. Contact us today for a free quote.

    What Attracts Rodents?

    What brings you back to your home in the evenings? Your home is a place where you can eat and rest. Your rodents see your home the same way, although the droppings they leave are an unpleasant way of paying rent. Here are some common rodent attractants that may be present around your home or yard. By eliminating these attractants, you can make your home much less appealing to squatting rats and mice.

    Exposed Food

    Rodents are attracted to easily accessible sources of food. Pet food left out on the back porch is an easy target for hungry mice and rats. Keep pet food sealed and indoors.

    Food leftovers are also attractive to larger outdoor animals that you don’t want in your yard, such as raccoons. Rodents can easily tear through plastic garbage bags, and because the bags are thin, the smell of food scraps can attract rodents from far away. Keep your trash bags inside large garbage containers with the lids shut.


    Rodents also seek cozy shelter they can nest in. The sunny  Bay Area is warm during the day, but at night, even pesky rodents want to find a warm place to sleep. Usually, rodents will seek shredded paper or fabric to make their nests. However, rats and mice may also make their homes in your attic insulation if they obtain entry to your house. Check for any gaps in your home that lead to the outside. Rodent Control Inc. can rodent-proof your home by sealing cracks in your walls.

    Our team at Rodent Control Inc. is full of highly trained rat control and mice control specialists. We handle rodents quickly, efficiently, and safely using 100% chemical-free products that will never put your home or family at risk in the process. If you live in the Bay Area area, then contact us to request our professional rodent removal services at your residence. Call (833) 3-RODENT (763368) and set an appointment today.

    Client’s reviews

    "We went with Rodent Control to help with a mouse/rat that was in our basement and gnawing on all of our stuff. (Protip: don't keep dog food or treats in a basement) Sam is our POC at Rodent Control and has been great and attentive. Can text him and get a response and next steps scheduled. And they follow through. Mouse/rat was caught, hooray!"
    Hartman W.
    Los Angeles, CA
    "Rodent Control saved the day! I was mortified to have rats in my attic! I was impressed by their prompt responsiveness. From my initial phone call, their customer service has been exceptional. Both on the phone and in the field. They quickly arrived to assess the situation, and were willing to schedule service that week. The field technicians were very professional, thorough, and paid great attention to detail. They closed off all entry points, ensuring a professional and clean look. They cleaned and disinfected the attic, set traps, and arranged the date to come back and check everything. They took care to protect my carpets upon entering the house and performing work. The entire staff was very friendly and accommodating. A huge thank you to Sam and his entire team at Rodent Control!"
    Dana P.
    Glendora, CA
    "I had a rat in my duplex terrifying my tenants and chewing through water lines causing a mess. Jake and his team saved the day! They sealed up every opening on the perimeter of the building, set traps and released a spray in the basement to eliminate any scent that could attract other rats. These guys don't try to set you up on a recurring monthly plan like most of the bigger corporations will do. They may not be the cheapest but they do the job once and do it right! Nice work!"
    G F.
    Redondo Beach, CA

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