Rodent Control Calabasas

Rodent Control Calabasas

We are a rodent control company (mice and rats) in the Greater Los Angeles area and we serve Calabasas. We offer $200 off rodent proofing or insulation removal. We offer rodent proofing, attic cleanup if you’ve had issues with mice and rats, and insulation removal. Our service ensures the safety of your family. Mice and rats cause disease and damage, can drop your property value and can cause other types of damage to your home. Our services are 100% for rodents and we stop rodents in their tracks.

How do you tell if you have a mice or rat infestation?

If you have mice or rats in your Calabasas home, you will notice the following:

  • Mice or rat droppings around areas of your home.
  • Noises in your walls, ceiling, attic, and other spaces.
  • Odd smells coming from the vents in your home.
  • Damage to areas around your home.
  • Insulation damage where the rodents have nested.

Rodent infestations are particularly problematic because they can put your family at risk of disease, such as Hantavirus.

Preventing Mice and Rats in Calabasas

Rodent proofers do a lot to get rid of mice and rats in your home. They’ll eliminate any food, shelter, and water that are required by the mice and rats to survive. In addition to getting rid of any insulation or other material that has been infested with rodents, we will make sure that your home is 100% rodent proof. We are the only company in the Greater Los Angeles area that guarantees our work 1000%.

Insulation Removal in Calabasas

Insulation can be a prime area for mice and rats. They nest in these areas during the colder season and will often breed in insulation. Rodent proofing can involve insulation removal to help get rid of any insulation that has been inhabited by rats. Our service involves removing insulation and we offer a $200 special on this service.

Calabasas Rodent Proofing For Your Attic

Rodent proofing your attic is also essential for keeping your home free of rats and mice. Insulation is common in the attic of your home and is the most commonly infested area. Not only will they damage insulation, but they will also chew through wiring, walls, and floors. Rats prefer the attic because it can be a warm area during the colder months but a great place to stay cool during the heat of summer.

Rodent Control, Inc., Your Calabasas Rodent Proofing Company

If you are in need of rodent proofing, Rodent Control, Inc. has got your back. We provide local rodent proofing service for Calabasas. Give us a call today at 833-3-RODENT for help today.

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