Rodent Exclusion & Animal Waste Removal

Rodent proofing is important to maintain a clean household-if we can do things such as block entranceways, prevent access and remove anything attracting the rodents inside, your home will be clear of any damages and diseases!

Why Rodents Are Dangerous:

Homes infested with rodents are never noticed to carry any health risks. Rodents carry diseases that can lead to things such as Lyme diseases, Salmonella, Hantavirus, and more! These can be transmitted through their deadly germs in their urine and feces. Being in an environment too long that has an infestation of rodents can lead to allergies and cardiovascular disease.

Rodents in Your Home:

Small holes in a home are an easily accessible way for rodents to enter. Vents and chimney pipes are also common spaces for these rodents to enter. Larger animals may chew or claw through weak points around the exterior of the home. These rodents enter due to any humid and dark spaces they may find; a type of environment they are used to. Once a rodent has made itself at home, it attracts other rodents to follow and mark territory. This can lead to unwanted infestation and increases those health risks.

Why Rodent Control

Rodent Controls wide range of service helps offer homeowners a strong assurance that the job will be done correctly. Our commitment to customer service and a quick and easy service helps homeowners see and understand why we are well known throughout the community. Our fully licensed and general liability insurance team is committed to exemplify our finest work each time. 

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