Raccoon Damage - Clean Up & Recovery

Raccoons can cause a lot of damage within a home, ranging from urine stains to chewed wood. These animals increase the risk for biohazard in a home and may cost more in the future for the repairs of the home. Professionals here at RodentControl will remove any animal waste and rodent proof the area.

Raccoon Damages:

Raccoons cause damage to ventilation, electrical wires and the wood structure of a home. This can lead to fires, mold growth, structure damages and more. The weight of the raccoon itself can cause damages to the attic insulation by their simple movements. A long with the physical damages, raccoons carry varies diseases such as rabies, distemper and parasitic worms. Drops left by raccoons can become airborne and affect the air you breathe within your home. Raccoons also increase the homes chances of having lice and fleas; transferring to pets of people in the home.

Rodent Control goes through many steps to get rid of and prevent raccoons from entering your home…
First, RodentControl begins with an attic cleanup, removing any animal waste. We then secure and close any entrance ways to ensure a closed space from raccoons and other rodents. RodentControl then uses a special spray to remove any smells that may have formed or form later. A thermal inspection and insulation service is then offered to fix any damages created and help with energy efficiency within the home.


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