Crawl Space Service

An unclean crawl space can be infested with contaminants and have a clear odor around the home. Professionals here at Rodent Control will clean your attic and ensure a safe and energy efficient home.

Crawl Space problems can occur from a damaged insulation, unnecessary debris or air ducts that aren’t taken care of correctly.

To Avoid Contamination in Your Crawl Space…

To avoid contamination in your crawl space, call RodentControl today and schedule an appointment to ensure a dry, clean, and well insulated environment. A well insulated home leads to reduced energy used within a home, maintaining an internal environment, prevents damages to pipes and regulates a homes temperature.

Vapor Barrier Installation

Importance of Vapor Barrier:
Prevents mold and fungus from growing
Prevents pest infestations
Dry crawl space
Reduces damages

With an installation of a vapor barrier, it’ll make the crawl space free of any current and future damages and keep pests away. Call RodentControl today!

Why Rodent Control

Rodent Controls wide range of service helps offer homeowners a strong assurance that the job will be done correctly. Our commitment to customer service and a quick and easy service helps homeowners see and understand why we are well known throughout the community. Our fully licensed and general liability insurance team is committed to exemplify our finest work each time. 

Our friendly customer service line to schedule an inspection and talk about financing options to help determine a plan that fits your needs!

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